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Series: Mass Effect

Pairing: Paragon M Shepard/ Liara T’soni

Category: action/ romance

Summary: Before the final charge to the Citadel Shepard is locked away captain’s cabin thinking over. Everything that will happen has already happened.

Chapter: 1 final mission to the Citadel

“Fighting their way to the council chambers, and then that he can stop Searn, a long way he understands the destruction and dying. Recognizing that you expend your entire lifetime attempting to arrive ready for something that will happen or is dying to take place is not easy.”

“Shepard knows, this may be his final fight. Knowing that most or none of the squad will get it through. Readying himself for the worst to come is never easy.”

The last push to stop Searn from destroying the Citadel and the Galaxy or was it. The fact that he new Seran was waiting for them and the Geth that waited as well to.

“You can’t stop this from happing Shepard. The balance of Humanity has already been decided directly by the Sovereign. “

You know that you are wrong.

I’m not going to let you destroy something that Humanity has worked so hard to make reality or has come to know.

“I will die before letting you destroy the galaxy and all life in it as we know. If it means I sacrifice my life so that the ones I love and care for will live on then so be it.”

Seeing her love's eyes as well for the look on his face, she knew what he was about to do. Attempting to make Shepard see reason for living was not going to be a buff to convince him that their love for one another would okay.

He pushed her out of the way just before Seran fired the last of the rounds from the rifle in his hand.

“Ashley: screamed after she sees him push Liara away now.”

No! No you can’t do this Shepard? You have more to live for than anyone has to know.”
You and Liara were meant to be together.

Shepard tossed the body of Liara and Williams using the biotic’s that he had got to throw them both out of the way of the falling rubble.

William’s rolled, pushing herself up on her feet only to see a large piece of rubble now hitting right where Shepard should be laying.

“No! NO, it’s not fair! Ashley screamed. “You can’t take him! It’s not fair!” You can’t take him, you can’t”

Liara moaned “Oh Goddess no please…”

Then the ground shook beneath them both quaked as even more debris came crashing down the horror of the struck man. Smoke cloyed the air, sparks erupted, shrapnel fell and darkness consumed the area.

Liara and Williams were both huddle sitting next to one another looking down.

Williams could see tears running down her face as the love of her life had just died doing the job he thought was right.

There hear I see them Caption Anderson.

“Williams where the Commander?”

She looked over at the rubble now knowing what happen to Shepard and the sacrifice he made to save the galaxy.

“William’s look angry now at Caption Anderson, then said why did have to die to save us and everyone else in the Galaxy.” Why?

“He made a choice, Chief.” Anderson said. “Just as he did on Elysium, just as he did on Virmire. She chose the Council, you and T’soni. She died making the right choice. He died a hero. An honor that sacrifice.”

‘His blood is on my hands’ Ashley gave no voice thoughts. If he would have used his bionic’s that he’d learn over time, then he could have shielded his self, he might have lived. She looked openly weeping Asari. The young archaeologist hadn’t simply lost a commanding officer, or friend, she had lost the love of her life, her intended. Ashley felt guiltier than before. I am sorry…’

Broke and wound Both Ashley and Liara allowed the medic to lead them from the decrepit metal skeleton of what remained of the Citadel tower. More than ever William had resented the council. If they had listened to him more and not ignored the warning of the skipper on ILOs… just listened… so much could have been avoided. All the death. Shepard would still be alive. She and Dr. T’soni would be planning nuptials. Instead, they would be planning a funeral laying future. It wasn’t fair.

Liara looked back to the mound of sheered burning metal “it can’t be…” He dare hope to trust what she thought she saw.

Anderson Frowned: clearly the young woman was going into shock. He gathered from the rumors he had heard Shepard shared intimated relationship. He had no idea how Asari related to death, but he knew the young lover was reluctant to believe the one they gave their heart to be dead, even more unwilling to leave their bodies behind. “Dr. T’soni…” he moved towards her then paused as he followed the young woman’s gaze to the rubble.

Black and blue moved against the metal.

“John!” T’soni started rushing towards the debris.

“Skipper!” Ashley was right next to her.

“I’ll be demand.” Anderson Laughed with relief, awe and disbelief. “Shepard… How the hell.”

Lumbering out of the debris clutching his side was none other then Commander John Shepard first human Specter. With massive mega watt smile on his face. Blood slid down his grime caked face, but he was live. Despite all the odds, he lived!

Liara was at his side embracing the man she loved with all her being, kissing his face frantically. “I believed you dead!”

“Owww!” Shepard moaned before he fainted.

“Oh!’ Liara loosened her hold, but slightly. John weight was quickly falling on her. Liara slight lithe from belied the strength inherent of the Asari but the shock of seeing her beloved alive nearly caused the young maiden to buckle at the knees.

“I’ve got you skipper.” Ashley’s voice cracked over the enjoy elation. As Shepard had when on Virmire, now Williams carried the fallen comrade over her shoulder rushing for the Metical- Evac Mako. Upon entering the cabin she gently dropped the commander down on a gurney. “Medic”

Dr. Chakras rushed to the gurney pushing Williams to the side. ‘Shepard can you hear me? Shepard”

Williams and T’soni ducked out of the way as a field medic rushed past on the flank intent on getting to the Shepard’s side. Quickly detached the locks on the hard-shell cuirass and dropped it to the side out of the way. With a pair of shears she cut open the commander’s shirt. Blood gleamed from a four inch gash long Shepard’s right side, where Saran-husk had plunged to the talons. A second medic picked up the chest piece and tossed it to Williams who managed to catch her commander’s armor before it clattered to the floor of Mako.

“How’s he doing?” Chakwas demanded, still trying to assess the extent of Shepard’s wounds. There was a regular menu of injuries: deep lacerations, extensive blood loss, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, internal bleeding, concussion and that was only what evident on cursory examination.

“Respiration is shallow, pulse is weak and erratic,” the nurse answered.

Chakwas pried open Shepard’s eyes, first the left then the right shinning a penlight into then trying to assess head trauma. “Commander, answer me.”

“I’ve lost the pulse.”

“He’s in de-Fib. Bag him.” Chakwas announced suddenly, “I want an EKG and an EEG stat.” She pouched Shepard’s chest to try and restart the heart’s regular rhythm.

The medic quickly and efficiently attached leads to Shepard’s chest over his heart as well to his arms which connected to medical scanner. The medical HUD bleeped to life, but made no other sound.

“Are we in?” Chakwas demanded, still forcing air from the bag into Shepard’s lungs.

Liara held her breath as she looked to the monitor showing a flat line, the single monotone note: an electronic death Knell. She was actually aware of the Chief Williams pleading under her breath for her God to save the Spectra. Her own prayers were already being sent to the Goddess that her beloved be restored.

“Charge the paddles to one hundred. Take over.” Chakwas shifted from her position over Shepard’s so the medic could take over the air –bagging that was helping Shepard to start breathing again. Chakwas took the paddles of the Defibrillator from the nurse.


“Clear.” Said the nurse bagging Shepard. She lifted up and away from the body.

Liara jumped at the sound of the paddles discharging ad seeing her lover’s body jolt off the gurney.

“What’ve we got?” Chakwas handed the paddles to her assistant beside her.


“Charge to two hundred.”


Liara came to herself forcing herself out of the horror stricken daze of watching the medical team trying with near febrile desperation to bring Shepard back to life. Ignoring the protest at her movements and threats that she would be forcefully removed, the Asari moved towards her lover’s head.

“Embrace Eternity.” She uttered softly as her eyes went black. All the noise from Dr. Chakwas’ team away, she was dimly aware that the physician had ordered them to clear once more. Again the sound of discharging paddles echoed loudly, but all of Liara’ will was steeped in ferreting out the spirit of the Commander from the darkness of death. She would not allow her love to slip into the cold unknown, not when they have so much to live for.

“Pulse is back. Regular sinus.” The nurse called out. “Him out of De-Fib.”

‘Okay, let’s get him to the infirmary, let’s move.”

“Joker! Get down here now!” Ashley barked the order. Despite the fact that the pilot was a technically superior officer, Gunnery Chief had no qualms about issuing the order. She doubted the sarcastic pilot would even protest.

“Already on the way, Chief.”

Liara remained touching Shepard’s bow. Her mind mingling deeply with the Specter’s. She deepened the bond drawing out the memories of her beloved, to their ancestral core. As they had when they first made love their spirits intertwined, their minds becoming one. In one desperate moment, fearful of what the future might be, Liara caused her nervous system to blend with that of Shepard’s. If her love of her life going to die, the Asari maiden would hold a part of him to live on.

Whatever Liara was doing to Shepard it was stabilizing the Commander, Chakwas was sure of it. She new Asari were able to blend their nervous system to that of another, generally this was for reproduction, but perhaps Liara was using such a method to connect Shepard’s body to a stronger, healthier nervous system. Liara heart seemed to be beating for both of them.

Chapter 2: More Healing then Sticks

Liara was still sitting next to his bed with her hand on his bow. Knowing that it might be some while before her love came out of the comma. To her it didn’t matter how long she waited or how many time Dr. Chakwas tell her to leave room?

“Liara eyes were still very much black and she had still been out of it sense they got the Shepard’s body back to the Infirmary on the Normandy.” Chakwas had to make a decision on weather or not to forcefully make Liara leave or not.

Chakwas decide to contact Captain Anderson, so she could talk about what they should do with Liara always staying in the room.

“Anderson, showed up soon only to still see that Liara had still been next to Shepard’s bed Infirmary not moving, she had never left his side for one moment. The fact that she had been this way since they came to the Normandy was not a good sign at all”
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“Colonel Carter was in her office trying to figure out how she should take care of Teyla and Dr. Keller now.”

“Deciding that the best way was to then have them both come to her quarters for this.

Walking down the hallway, she ran in to Teyla.

“Colonel, how is everything going for you today?”

“Then told her that if you need anything please let me know or if you want to just talk to someone a loan. I am willing to listen.”

“Teyla, well there is one thing I like to have you and Dr. Keller about alone in my quarters pleases.”

“Meet me there at 1200 hours please both of you and come alone. I don’t want anyone to know about this Ok.”

“Yes of course. We will both be there on time.”

“Thank you Teyla.”

“You’re welcome Colonel Carter.”

‘She was in her quarters now trying on all the strap-ones that she had brought with her to Atlantis. She had made sure that they were in knowing way able to be understood by anyone in the underground section of the suitcase then.”

“She took three of the straps-ones out of the secret area now setting them on the bed and then counting to take her own clothes off.

First, she removed her jacket off and then her pants, next take her shirt off. Passing on her panties and bra on, while Teyla looked up at her eyes and discovered she was not going to be that friendly with either of them.”

“Sam turns to look in the mirror now to see her huge DD tits as she pushed them hard and higher up into the bra she was wearing.”

“No turning back around to look at the three different sizes of the strap-ones she had. The first was 8 inches long.”

“The second was 10 and half inches long and the third was 14 inches longer than the other two and twice as wide and huge all around.”

“She stood there deciding which to use. Then thought why not just use all three of the in order from smallest to largest now. “

Then there was a ring at the front door. She knew whom it was from.

“It’s me Teyla and Jennifer.”

“Ok hold on one second please. I am not ready just yet, but you can come in and wait for me if you both like now. “

“Ok thanks they both walked into her room and stood there. Sam what is going on, are you alright?”

Yes you do have to do what I say Teyla.

“What is that mean, Sam? “

“That is what I mean yes and no I am ok now. “

“Sam you are now making any sense now to either of us. Why don’t you could out of the bathroom and tell us what is bothering you now.”

“I am not ready yet. “

“Then when will you be ready.”

I will be ready when I say that I am and not a moment sooner. Is that very clearly now or do I need to come out there and spell it out for you both.

Yes, it is very readable.

Better now then, both of you just make you are self is at home because neither of you are going to be going away for a long while now.

In summation, if you are going to ask me what I mean by this now. It means that I have disabled the door and locked you both in my quarters immediately.

“Therefore, do not try to leave or try to call for help either I have disabled the com system and the radios as well too. “

“Teyla did you bring what I asked you to come with?”

“Yes, I did Sam. However, I do not get why you needed the rope and climbing harnesses at all. Instead, what you are going to get along with them.”

“Teyla, Right now, I subject that you know. Both make you are self very comfortable ok.

“Also Teyla take your jacket and Jennifer you need to do the same as well too.”

Walking out of the bathroom know on her bathrobe. She could see that Teyla and Jennifer were wondering what she was up to now.

Sam, what is going on around here?

“Just smiling at the both, she said Teyla I want you to take harasses and rope. First, I want to see you take her clothes now off her. After that, I want you to take the rest of your clothes off yourself. “

“What is going on now?”

“Well I asked you both to my quarters now so I could fuck and with my strap-ons, I brought with me today.

Taking her robe off now Teyla and Jennifer could see the strap-on she wore now and then saw the other two as well that were much bigger in size on the bed under the pillows of hers.”

“Now there is one thing that I am going to say to you both today. Which is Rank has its privileges and I am the ranking Person on this theme now. So when I want something I am going to get it understand.”

“I know you both are very wet and horny now ok. So do not try to say you are not. Now Teyla gets over here and then get on your knees in front of me now. “

“That is an order for you both.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Teyla and Jennifer both did as orders getting on their knee naked in front of her and waiting to find out what she was going to do to them.”

“Smiling at both now just sitting on their knees in front of her.”

“She thought this could not be any better. Then a thought came into her mind of something naughty that would be cool to see now. “

“However, Jennifer really did not like the idea of what could or would happen to her. On the other hand, was she ready to hear?

The odd thing about this whole thing now was that she likes to try new things and get creative as well too.”

Teyla soon starts to feel her hand push and spread her legs. As she thrusts into her ass Teyla starts to moan, as well it hurts telling Cater.

Seeing as this happens to her Keller is all, but tied up now in the chair facing away with her ass out as well.

Grabbing hold of her shoulders and then pushing hard down on her. Therefore, that she could see her straining to fight.

“Cater push the huge strap-on deep into her ass now all.”

Screaming loudly and feeling it rip her wide open. The only thing she can do is to bite her lower lip and take the pain.

“Carter, please no. Stop please I beg you. Stop please?”

“No Teyla you need to learn what it's like to feel pain now. Also you got to learn what it means to take orders for some else without questioning them.”

Why do I have to learn all this now? I mean it is not as if I will want to learn anything new or going to.

Please stop it is to big for me. It's not going to all fit inside me now.”

Oh, yes it will.

With that Cater pushed harder again all the way. As she did this, she pushed herself as well, on to her making sure that it has gone deep into her now.

Teyla, screamed so loud. However, knowing not one person could her scream. She kept screaming as loudly as was possible. Nevertheless, I am going to tell you both. You are going to stay in that room forever.

Smiling at cause, she could yell all she wanted to now, with not a sound coming out of her mouth. In there was a gag in it.

Sam was pleased with this so much.

Keller could see the pain and tears falling from Teyla eyes now. If I had my way and I will, you both will stay with me in my room or I will lock you both up for a long time.

Looking over to Keller and saying you are next after her.

Seeing the way Keller was looking back at her now and just mind that she now needs to fuck much, much more now with her.

Turning her and attention back over to Teyla now and then bragging her by the head full of hair, and then pulling harder back on her mind now. She could tell she was now letting it happen to her. Smiling at this Sam was so happy now, that she had decided to permit everything that she had now known it turned upside down here.

Turning her free will over to Sam was the hardest thing she had ever done.

However, if she was going to learn, what it meant to be under the command of his. Then she had to do what needed then.

Which meant that Colonel Carter had fucked her?

“Teyla, I am going to enjoy this for as long as I can now.”

Trying to bite her lower lip was just about all she could do now. Looking over to where Dr. Keller was sitting again.

Knowing she was watching this, or wanted to join in on the fun. Keller did not know what was worse. She watches everything happen to Teyla.

Alternatively, to be so damn horny now from all that was happening to her.

Still fucking Teyla good. Dr. Keller looked scared as well frightened that. She says that it is going to be tough. Carter was really enjoying what she had been doing to her. More she fucked her the more she thought to herself how much. She should have tried this earlier in life today.

Sam stopped just for a moment to make sure Keller still tied up as well before she went back to hurting and causing more pain to Teyla now.

In fact, she wanted to make sure that Teyla knew what pain felt like from her.

“Keller could she Teyla trying to cry now, But knew she still couldn’t cause of the gag that Carter put in her mouth to make sure no one could hear her now ever.”
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It was a hot sunny day in Colorado. Jack was on his way home when all of a sudden his cell rang. Answering his cell, saying Hello O’Neill

Jack its Sam I was wondering if you would like to come over to Janet's for a while and chat with her and me.

"Carter nothing people, but what is the reason for you and her wanting me to come over all of a sudden to her house?" “I know the questions kind of strange to hear coming from me. But that isn't the only reason you and she want me there now.”

So tell me the truth or I hang up right away. "

"Jack this Janet just comes please."

"Fine I am there in 2 min's"

Thanks Jack

"When he got to Janet's house, and then got out of the truck. He walked up to the door now and rings the doorbell."

"To his surprise, Sam and Janet have both answered the door only wearing bathrobes and now. Jack, thanks for coming so quickly now. "

"He could see that they both how on nothing underneath the bath robes. He could see only the Bra's and panties on.

What shocked him the most was the size of tits Sam had. He never senses her breast before until now. "

"She had the finest tits he had now ever seen in his whole life. From what Jack could tell. Is that they endure at least a DD size and as for Janet's tithe could see that she was a good deal smaller than Sam's."

"Thanks for coming now."

"So what was really important, that you needed me to come all the way over now?

"We wanted to get your answer on who has the heaviest set of tits now.

I or Janet now and place are truthful to use."

We also would like for you to Sparks use, whip uses, and fuck us both so hard now in are ass and Aussies and to make us do whatever you want to use.

We are ready to please and pleasure you all you desire.

"What we want is for you to make use you slaves."

Suppose we decide we both want to become your sex slaves and hoar now Jack."

"What? Do I understand you both right. You want me to turn you into sex slave of mine and miss use you now."

"Yes, that is what we both are saying."

"We want you to do anything and everything you want to us both."

"He was more surprised when both walked out into the room to see that wearing a collar around their necks." And they chain to the wall directly.

Walking around them both he licked his lips now. Then pulling hard on the ropes, pulling them right off their body now and noticing that Sam and Janet were wearing bra's both of them that caused their breast look huge in them now and that they had on tight thongs as well.

Plus to his surprise they both held in their ass no butt plus as well clamps on the nipples too."

So Jack what you think of us now?

"Well, I have to say dam." If both of you are trying to get me turned on now? I have to say that it almost worked, but then both of you forgot one thing. Which is that I was turned on at the sight of the two of you standing in the doorway?

Reaching out and grabbing Sam' huge DD Breast now then pulls on them hard making her moan as this happen. Next he grabbed Janet's DD breast in both hands and pulled just as hard on her now making her moan good."

Next Jack grabs both chains and said get all your clothes both of you now here"

"Jack why?"

"Because you're both now going to live from now on at my house and in my bedroom is where you two will stay nowhere?"

"What? They said, shocked at him?

"Hearing this he slapped them both in the face and said do as I told you nowhere and get your fucking ass in my truck now yelling at them both."

They both acted as they were told. And climbed into the truck naked only wear their bras and panties.

Seeing that they behaved as he asked the first time now and are in the truck of his he takes the coins for each then and hooks the ends to the back of the his truck cab now.

"Looking over to see Sam and Janet naked in bra' and panties only." Smiles at them both and then makes Sam put on a very huge Double strap-on now and has her wear this while she is in her bra and panties next to Janet.

"Janet you're going to unbuckle yourself now and then lower you ass and pussy all the way on to both of the cocks Sam is wearing now and sit the for the ride to my house now."

"Jack people will see me and realize that I am alone in my bra and panties now in this truck. Plus, they will believe that something is wrong now as well to Jack."

"You and Sam asked me to treat you like this and that is what I am going to do now and I want you both to now know your going taken care of my way now here got it Janet and Sam now"

Yes, that is what we said to you in her house, Jack. So what are you planning on doing to use both after getting into your house? That depends all on how you both are and behave today. Or on how you obey me from now to the time we get to my house.

I said I wasn't seeing you Janet now riding those two huge dam cocks deep into your ass and pussy. So why you are Janet now still haven't implied you're safe on them both. He pulls his truck over to the side of the road and stopped right away.

Then looking over at Janet and yelling get your fucking ass and pussy now on the two huge cocks she had on. I mean, damn it!

Doing as he said she stood up and then lowered her ass and pussy hard all the way onto the cock Sam how been wearing now. Moaning as she pushed both the cocks deeper into Janet’s ass again.

He then pulled over, and then buckled Janet and Sam in together in the hindquarters. Doing that took up driving back to his place again. Know that both of them are not comfortable with how they are then.

In the mirror Jack could see that Sam was not ok, with what was going on. Or at the moment in any way now felt good about what she was doing to Janet now. Still, that is what they had told him. Worse for him, make it as uncomfortable for them both now as possible.

Jack is this you were thinking about when we both opened the door?

"To be very fair with you both instantly know it wasn't."

I have to say no it wasn't the least bit. What I expected from either of you today."

"Sam Started to feel uncomfortable now. The reason for this was that her DD tits we're being smashed by Janet pushing back into them now. Just so she could stay upright and be still."

"Janet was surprised, when Sam reached around in front of her and grab hard on to her breasts now. This shocked her and she could see Sam's hands start to push and pull on her tits better. Only able to moan through gag now in her mouth. Thanks to Jack."

"She only had the choice to sit there and do nothing but feel the pain and pleasure of what was lapping to her body on the ride to Jack's house."

Seeing the house directly from the inn side Janet eyes lit up, as did Sam's when she looked around too.

He made Sam walk into the house caring Janet still impaled on the cock.

Entering the house, then walking in side way they were Sam and Janet could tell that his home was kept very clean. Janet finally got to see the medals and ribbon's he was awarded in the service.

Sam was too busy to look at the medals and ribbon's right then to notice. She was more involved, in what she was doing to Janet to care right that moment today. The fact was she was so involved now really seeing Jack walking up behind her. For her full thoughts and intended was on the one person she hands her hands on now.

Reaching out and grabbing her from behind now. She felt his hands now grab her firm on her ass and then starting pulling her to the bedroom.

Jack what are you doing now, I was having fun here. Do you mind if I call you Jack?

Yes, I do mind Sam. You and Janet Said to me do whatever I wanted to the both of you now. So that is really what I intend to do today. Said smiling back towards him and thinking this was the best idea he had so far today.

Keeping a firm grip on her now and pulling hard to the bedroom. Sam was trying to struggle and refuse to consume. But could see that he was stronger than she was. She finally stopped trying to fight it. Letting he pull her and Janet to the room in the back of the house. Which was his bedroom?

Shutting the door behind them both now and locking it. Janet and she didn't like the smile on his face when he turns around looking at them both instantly.

"Jack, what are you think of doing to use both?"

Not so fast you two. You're both going to Internet me now like you had done. Before I even think of letting you to lose.

Walking out of the room again and then coming back with a table. Placing the table in the middle of the room. He took hold of Janet now laying her flat on it.

Got her on the table, then he tied her to it so that she couldn’t move or try to struggle either. Sam now you're going to fuck her so hard and good, I want to her to hear her scream and beg for you to quit.

Sam walked up behind her placing her hand on either side of Janet ass cheeks now and then putting them wide. She thrust hard all the way deep into Janet's ass hole. Janet felt the cock go in deep.

"Screaming, Sam please takes me. Make me yours now.

Straddling Janet good and then pushing deeper into her with each thrust every time.

Jack could see Sam was enjoying this a lot.

So Sam how is it felt to finally take your best friend the way you have always wanted to for years?

It feels so good.

Part 2

“Jack continued to watch, Sam is having fun pounding into Janet. She was making sure that every time she hurt Janet. Though Janet was trying to get her to stop. What was being done to her?”

It didn’t bother Sam one bit now at all. In fact, watching Janet try to struggle to free her and get away from her was not working out. Sam had a secure hold on her now. She wasn’t going to give in to her, or let her attempt to find her way. Ever, ever, ever again.

“Sam I think it might be time to ask Janet if she understands why this is happening to her”

Sam looks over at him. Then smiled, saying you’re right. I should ask her if she realizes what is going on now.”

Leaning down and then whispering in Janet’s ear. Sam said do you realize now, why this is happening to you Janet.”

Knowing far too well that she had heard now what was demanded of her? Deciding to make sure she understood what was going on at once.

She grabs hold tighter now on to her and then pushed so hard that Janet’s head went straight up and outward like a shot. It was so much fun to watch this happen.

“Jack, Janet said, why are you just watching now? We both told you that we wanted you to treat us both the same way.”

“Janet you’re in my house now and what I want goes. So if I want you to be hurt badly and feel a lot of pain. Then that is what you’re going to get. It not might be from me right now. But I will tell you one thing in this house, what ever I say goes.”

Seeing her not like what he had said no. Or the fact that she was never allowed to leave the house ever again. But what was more fun knew that Sam could never leave his house again either now.

Walking up to Janet now and pulling the gag out of her mouth. He said to her, now you’re going to learn your place from here on out with me. As a matter of fact, I believe that you need to learn how to draw a cock better. I can see this working.

Grabbing Janet by the head full of her, then making her open her mouth wide as she could, he pushed has cock all the way deep inside her mouth immediately. All the while Sam was still pounding her in the ass hard and harder now.

Sam and he push harder into her with each thrust they did. For them both this had been exactly what they wanted to do to her now.

“For Jack this could go on and on now for as long for a while. Sam had been busy pounding and hurting Janet’s ass so much now she was having more fun than she could ever have in a day at work.”

Not being bale to answer anything for her directly. Because her hands still were tied behind her back tightly now and it was in her apparent she would never be able to leave the house again.

Thinking next that he would make sure Sam and she never left the house once more. He had decided to let them know this. For Sam that was okay with her.

Asking Janet what she thought about this and not being able to leave his house again. She was more than willing to agree on this.

Being told they never leave his house again was like saying your mine for ever. So that is what the two of them learned from this now. Was that they belonged to him immediately and forever.

** Part 2: the Next day in jack house**

"he woke up to see Sam still with the two starpon’s in her pussy and ass as Sam lays there holding her tightly so that she could never move or try to stop Sam form doing this to her."

Watching Sam fuck Janet while she was still sleeping in the same bed was so fun to see. In fact it was the best thing that he could have ever wished for now.

"Knowing that Jack had put hidden camera all over the house now and was recording this and as well had recorded what she did to Janet in his truck late last night on the way to his home. But for Sam what had made this so fun for her is that Janet had been gagged and wasn't able to talk or scream from the pain she had been resaving from her."

"Both her and Janet had been in the same room for the night and didn't know that he had put collars on them both and chained then to the wall behind then either. Sam tried to move but couldn't when she felt the collar pulling on her neck as for Janet she new something like this had happen last night now to them both."

"Jack watch Janet trying to scream and struggle as she got fucked hard and rough by Sam." again for him this had been very fun to watch everything happening in his house now. As well know they were both chained up and couldn't leave or go now ever and any where again."

**Later in the day**

Later that day he went to the closet and pulled out some sexy maid and sexy slutty dress for Sam. Making Janet strip now and put the maids outfit on and Sam put on the slutty dress. Both feeling naked as his watch them undress and dress up again in the outfits made him get hard now.
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Noticing the door to her daughter’s room was open a little. So be able to pick in through the crevice in the door today. She could not believe what at all nowadays. What she saw her daughter doing to herself.

Ashley was naked and threw her legs spread wide apart now. Magnus watch as her daughter inserted the hugest dildo she had never seen before. Watch her push it deeper and deeper now into her pussy.

Magnus soon realized that she was getting wet, Horny from watching this. Placing her hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy hard. However, not wanting to make any noise at all or to let her daughter know she was standing at the door bit her lip so that she could keep the scream in and not letting Ashley know she was there.

She proceeded to rub between her legs as she keeps watching Ashley fuck her self-hard with the dildo each time. In fact she started to get an idea now in her hear that instead of her daughter fucking herself. That she would just fuck her daughter and get it over with right away.

“Helen stopped watching her now then turned and keeps heading for her office.”

What Ashley did not know is that her own Mother had a huge hidden room with many strange things in it.

Magnus had to take care of something else before she took care of her daughter Ashley now. In fact the one thing she had to do was see where Will was. Picking up the radio on her desk and pushing the button to ring him.

“Will I need you to come right now to my office please?”

“Thinking to his self, what does she want me for now. She told me to work on the reports and that is actually, what I have been practicing. However, if she keeps bothering me I am never going to be able to get them answered.

Walking out of his office now towards her office to find out what she wanted him to or was it just because she needs to yell at someone. In addition, he was the first person she remembered to yell at.

Knocking on the door to her office, and waiting for Magnus to say come in. He thought about it again. Maybe she needs somebody to fuck her hard and painfully now. If that was the case, then he would be very glad to fuck her over and again so hard, that she would never forget it then.

Come on Will, I am so happy you came to visit me. When you called me?

Magnus, Listen I was in the middle of doing the reports you asked me now to do. So all I can say is whatever you need better be dam in portent for you to have asked me to come visit you.

“Walking up to her now very close and closing the space between them both fast. Therefore, that she could now not walk away. Making her back up against the walk behind her and trapping her now.”

“Will what you are going to do to me.” I think its time some one teach you a lesson Magnus and a good lesson now. So I figured its time you discovered what it's like to be fucked and spanked by someone that is a lot younger than you are.”

There for you are going to be punished immediately. I have had all I am going to learn from you and you are yelling at me for stuff as well as other things that I never have done.

Because I know, you are going to get something to yell at me for soon. Whether it is my fault or not I am the one that you yell at for it.

“Grabbing her long hair, He then pulled her onto his lap and held on to her. By her midsection so she could not get away from him. Knowing he was now going to make a point that he would savor this moment for as long as he could.”

Please, no more.

No listening to what she was saying now.

Please Will. Do not do this to me now. I am sorry that I yell at you all the time. It is just that I care so much about you now. I feel I have spent more time with Ashley than I have with you.

You do not have to tell me.

Pulling out of his pocket now a gag and putting it in her mouth and then she couldn’t call for help or when she screamed it wasn’t picked up by anyone either. Then he brought his hand down hard on her ass spanking her so hard to leave a red handprint on her ass now.

Doing that repeated several times repeatedly today. Telling her that she was never going to be yelling at him again or able to order him around like a shot again. Magnus you are going to become my personnel submission Milf now forever.

Turning her head at what she had just heard him say to her. Was a very be surprise to her.

She had never been treated so badly now before and liked it. Shaking her head under stand what he said to her now. Know that she would soon regret agreeing to this. Letting her up then telling her to pull her pants down all the way for him was hard for her to answer. Since the last time she had done this was to have Ashley then.

She hesitated now for a minute and could see that he was getting angry now with her. For not doing, what she was told.

He then slapped her crossed the face screaming at her. To pull her pants all the way down like he told her to now or he would slap her again harder this time.

Magnus did as she was told no.

Magnus pulls your pants all the way down as well for now. I have something that you will be wearing instead of your panties now for every. Showing her the tight strap underwear that had two huge strap-on dildos as part of now smiling at the fact she was now trembling for the sight of this.

Telling her to now turn over your desk and spread your legs wide open until it hurts you. I want to see that pussy of you is showing now or I have hurt you Magnus.

Holding her head down and then pressing her face hard into the screen background. As he begins to pull his hand deep in between her legs and fucking, begging for him to stop again.

Now he gets mad at her for this and pushes again harder and deeper into her with much forcing her to scream now loud.

Part 2: In Magnus office still

While Magnus was being spanked and yelled at, Ashley still in her room had not heard the screams of her mother at all. She had been more concerned about playing with herself.

Though she knew for some reason something was wrong right away. But couldn’t figure out what it had been. Looking out of her room and noticing that everything had been much quieter now. In fact to quit now, there was a strange but a faint noise coming from her mom’s place at once. Not able to figure out what it was or what would make this noise.

She decided to go in and check it out.

Walking down the hallways until she came close to her mother’s office and with each step the noise became a little louder. It sounded like moaning coming from her office and wasn’t for sure. Deciding to look in on her mother and to see if she was alright, to her surprise and from what she had just seen now.

Ashley was so shocked at what she now seen with her own eyes and couldn’t believe it either now.

Will what are you doing to my mom’s and how dare you do this to her.

“Ashley you can either join her or you can help me do this to her. The choice is yours now.”

“But be for warned that you better make the right choice. Because making the wrong choice will not end well for you then?”

Don’t threaten me Will. This is not something that you want to do.

I only did Ashley and what you are going to do about it now?

For one I am going to make you eat your words.

Well now I am in the waiting stage. But from everything I can see you all talk and no action now?

Ok. If I have to choose either one then I will have to choose to help you out then, Anyways my mother really does need to be giving a lesson in how to treat others now. It seems she has actually forgotten her manners for a long while.

“Wait. What? Ashley you’re not really going to help him teach me lessons are you. You’re my daughter how you could do this right away. After everything we have been through together?”
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It was a seemingly ordinary day in the kingdom of Eternal. It had been several days' since the last time Selector had attacked, meaning his next attack plan was likely imminent. But for now, the Masters of the Universe were taking advantage of their opportunity to rest and prepare for the next assault. Teela and Prince Adam were in the midst of a climbing race up a cliff.

Teela started off the race by taunting Adam, but that just made him want to win the climb even more. He would show her that could do this. The race had been precipitated by Teela's usual comments about how Prince Adam never showed up to help out in the numerous battles against Skeleton and his Evil Warriors.

"Fortunately, He-Man more than makes up for your lack of courage and ability," the warrior girl had taunted. "With enough courage and ability for ten warriors," she added admiringly.

That taunt had gotten Prince Adam quite agitated. Teela thought it was simply that the young prince didn't like his flaws being so illuminated, but the actual reason for his agitation was the fact that Prince Adam was, in fact, He-Man, and that was the reason Teela never saw him at any of the battles. He was there, but no one recognized him because of his magical transformation into the mighty warrior. Sometimes it took all of Adam's self-control to stop himself from shouting out his secret so that his friends and loved ones would no longer think him a craven coward who ran and hid whenever evil reared its ugly head. Those same friends and family regularly praised his other self for his heroic deeds and incredible feats of strength and battle prowess. There were only 3 people on all of Eternia who knew the truth.

Teela finally made up the hill to the top, standing up as she turned to face Adam who was just getting to the top right after she did.

"Teela," Adam said confidently, "you know the race could have gonna either way for this."

"Yeah, right, Adam," she dismissed his comment. "You never seem to win no matter what you say to me. When we race, you lose every time."

Teela started to head back down the cliff when suddenly she lost her footing and grabbed hold of Adam's arm, pulling them both down onto a very small ledge.

"Damn it, Teela, why did you pull me down onto this ledge with you? I was trying to pull you back up, and now we're both stuck down here," he snapped angrily.

"Sorry, Adam, but why is this whole thing all my fault?"

"Because you weren't thinking for one damn minute about asking for help," Adam skewered her with a glare. "You just thought I am Teela daughter of Man- at Arms. I can do anything with out help. In fact that has been your biggest problem ever since I've known you."

"Adam," Teela stood her ground. "What are you trying to say? That I can't ask anyone for help when I should?"

"That is exactly what I'm saying to you Teela," he told her bluntly. "You think you're the best at everything and that no one should help you on anything at all. But look what not asking for help got you into this time. Actually got the both of us onto a small ledge on a cliff side. Thanks to you we are several meters from the nearest foot hold that could be used to get us back up to the top!"

Adam knew that he was always with his sword, but he had promised the Sorceress that he would never use the sword in front of anyone no matter how much trouble he was in. Now the time he needed to use the sword to get him and Teela out of this mess she had gotten them into would break that promise.

For a while he considered this carefully and then came to a decision. "Sorceress," he pleaded in his head, "please forgive me for what I am about to do." Raising his sword, he said, "By the power of Gray Skull!" and then the surrounding space lit up. "I HAVE THE POWER!" his voice echoed loudly.

"What the hell, has happened to me?" Teela demanded. "He-man what you doing here and where is Prince Adam?"

He-man looked Teela up and down for several long moments. "Teela," he said finally. "I have something to tell you that I've been keeping secret for a long time now."

Teela gaped at him, trying to understand, but said, instead, what was of real concern. "I feel very strange now, He-Man. What has happen to my body? My breasts are much larger now and I have muscles like you! What happened to me?"

She reached up and touched her breasts, realizing that they were now a 46 DD and her muscles were not solid and large, but not as muscular as He-Man.

"He-man did you do this to me?" Teela asked, looking him straight in the eyes. She got a shock when she saw the eyes of Prince Adam looking back at her. "So Adam is really He-man," she said in wonder. "That means whenever Adam always left and disappeared just before a fight, along with Cringer, he was turning in to He-man every time."

He-man looked at her and admitted the truth. "Adam wanted to tell you, but couldn't before."

"What do you mean?" she asked. "Why couldn't he tell me before?"

He-Man sighed. "He made a promise to the Sorceress and Man at Arms that he wouldn't tell anyone his secret. Ever."

"Wait," Teela said, halting his explanation. "You're telling me that my father, Man at Arms, knows that Adam is He-man, and you are Adam?"

"That's right Teela," he told her.

"Who else knows this about you?" she wanted to know.

He-Man revealed that secret as well. "Man at Arms, The Sorceress, and Orko."

"What?" she cried out. "Orko knows who you really are?"

"That's right."

"So why keep this from me for so long?"

He-Mam was ready for that one. "If my true identity was to ever get out Skeletor would know who I really was. The fact is, Teela, I had to make a choice, which was to keep this a secret and tell no one."

"Why tell no one your secret? I see nothing wrong with it?" Teela asked.

"You might see anything wrong with it, but think what would happen to Eternia if my secret ever got out to Skeletor. Think what he could do to Eternia if and when he found out about me," He-Man told her. "Now, Teela, I think you need to be taught a lesson in how to ask someone for help."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"You're not as strong as I am Teela," he reminded her.

"You want to bet on that?" she asked.

He chuckled. "Sure lets bet on it. Let's see who is stronger now."

"What happens to the loser?" she asked. "They are to do whatever the other says for as long as they," he suggested.

"No deal He-man," she shook her head.

"Why?" he asked. "You afraid of losing to me?"

"No, it's just that if I lose then I have to do whatever you want for a long time. That's pretty open ended," she observed.

"Yes, that's true," he conceded.

"Can't we change the stakes, please?" she requested.

"Well," he said finally. "I will do this. Let's say the loser, who ever it is, has to do anything they are told. The loser must stay in the winners room and take care of them every day. The loser would also have to make up a reason for such things as why they aren't there for dinner. The loser also has to dress up as anyone the winner wants them to be."

"No way on that one, He-man," Tdeela shook her head.

"Scared then?" He-Man smiled.

"No, I am not scared of you," Teela said defiantly.

"Then you shouldn't have anything to worry about then, Teela," he pointed out.

"Ok," she conceded. "Who are the people I have to dress up as if I lose to you He-man?"

He-Man ticked off a number of names quickly. "Queen Marlena, The Sorceress, Evil Lynn, Adora, She-ra, Frosta, Queen Angela, Glimmer, Catra, Scorpnia."

"What? He-Man that is not very nice," Teela got in front of He-man.

They both reached their arms around one another trying to see who could pick the other up first. Unfortunately for Teela she was not winning this one and soon found herself being lift up high off the ground.

"Put me down right now, He-Man!" she demanded. "This is not fair at all. You're stronger than me in this sort of fight."

He-Man put her down, grinning. "Well, I warned you, Teela, that you would lose to me."

Teela scowled. "Yes, you were right. You won this round."

"The second round," he told her, "will be an arm wrestling contest." When they had gotten into position, he started the match. "Ready, set, go," he said to her.

Both He-Man and Teela, with her new muscular arm, were both trying to win.

"I have you now He-Man," she taunted him.

"Oh no you don't Teela," he told her. Then, suddenly, with all his might he push her hand and arm over on the ground. "I win again."

"Ok, what's next?" she asked.

"The third round will be a wresting match," he informed her, "but this time you have to pin the person by sitting on top of them for three minutes straight."

"I can do that," she laughed. "I am always sitting on you every time we spar."

"Well, this time might be a lot harder for you Teela," he gave her knowing look. "If you want to beat He-Man.

With a flash of anger Teela rushed He-man and attempted in one move to knock him over on his back. He placed his feet so that they were in a solid stance and then stood there while she tried over and over to knock him down. Every time she failed. He-man just looked down.

"Are you getting tired yet,Teela?" he asked. "Are you ready to give up now and surrender?"

"Never, He-man, never," she told him.

"When will you learn your lesson?" he sighed.

"I will never learn a lesson from you, no matter what," she told him fiercely.

He chuckled some more. "Teela, Teela, you seem to forget that I am the stronger one here and you're not. Your body may have changed a bit, like you breasts have gotten much bigger, and your arms may have some more muscle, but that still doesn't mean your stronger then me."

With that He-Man reached with both hands and then drove them straight between her legs with a very strong grip on the insides of her thighs. He grabbed her, lifting her up side down with her head facing away from his large cock which had been growing more and more erect.

Teela found herself upside down with her head hitting something very hard on him. Trying to turn around to see what it could be, but couldn't do that now. She just hoped that it was one of his knees or that it might be a rock. When she tried to see what it was she found herself facing something growing in his pants and it was getting much bigger by the second. What scared her the most was that each time he brought her face closer it got even bigger. Teela then realized what it was. Shit! That is one big fucking dick He-man has on him. And it's getting bigger each time that I'm brought face to face with it! she thought to herself.

"He-man is that what I think it is in your pants growing bigger each time you bring me closer to you" she questioned. "And win each match as well?"

"Yes, Teela, it's exactly what you think it is," he smirked.

He then dropped to his knees and just as that happened her head hit the ground, hard, knocking her out cold. He-man looked at her laying on the ground thinking that her new body was so beautiful, sexy, and very hot. Deciding to make sure that this was another match he would win, he sat right on top of her next to her huge breasts, pinning her arms under his knees so she couldn't use them against him. He sat there for a while looking at her. She soon started to come around.

"What? Damn it! You won the match! Again!" she fumed, unable to break loose.

"Yes, Teela, I did win again, and you seem to be under me and I am on top of you," he grinned triumphantly.

"Let me up!" she demanded. "I demand you let me up right this instant."

"You demand I let you up?" he parroted. "That is not a very nice thing to say to someone."

"Well I'm not going to be nice anymore," she sat out angrily.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"You've been cheating somehow," she accused.

"I haven't been cheating Teela," he told her seriously. "It's just that you're not as strong as I am. I told you that I'm stronger than you." He gave her a long look up and down her upper body. "I seem to have a very nice view of you," he told her.

"Yes, you do," she huffed. "Now let me up right this instant."

"I think I will stay right where," he told her. "I happen to like this position I'm in with you underneath me. It seems to be good."

"Is that so?" she asked.

"That's so," he told her. "And what makes you think you're going to be able to get me off of you."

She started to try moving her arms out from under his knees, but soon saw that it wasn't going to work and gave in.

"You win, He-man," she conceded finally. "Do with me as you wish."

He smiled widely. Well now that you're mine, Teela, what shall I do next? He wondered to himself. Ah yes! I think I will overpower The Sorceress and make her mine as well.

Putting a collar on her with a chain, and then binding Teela's hands behind her back so she couldn't get free from him, He-man marched to Gray Skull and told the Sorceress that he wanted to see her. When he finally got into Gray Skull the Sorceress soon realized what was going to happen to her. Soon she was in the same position as Teela was with a collar and her hands bound behind her back.

"He-Man? What is going on and what has happen to Teela's body?" the Sorceress asked as she looked at Teela's body and saw the 46 DD breasts on her and the color she was as well which she knew meant Adam had used the sword in front of her. The Sorceress tried to use her own powers to get free, but couldn't and realized that the bindings were stopping her from use her powers.

"Now Sorceress," He-Man ordered. "You are going to help me make Queen Marlena mine as well. So no tricks and if you try anything you're going to be put in the darkest place I know of where you can never stop me again. You're going to use the mind control spell on my mother and tell her to come to the Gray Skull right away."

"In the meantime, Teela," he said with a yank of the her chain from which she came flying over to him landing on the ground at his feet. "Stand up! I command you."

She stood up facing him with her 46 dd breasts up to his chest. He ripped her clothes off her, letting her huge boobs bounce for a while, before starting to fondle them in both of his hands.

"Here you go, Teela," he told her.

"What is that He-man?" she asked, trying, but failing, to not enjoy what he was doing. Then she noticed what he had in his hand. Her eyes widened in shock.

"This, my dear Teela, is something for you to use," he informed her. "Now put it on."

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"Yes it's a huge strap-on cock for you to use so you can fuck your mother her ass. Hard," he told her.

"My mother?" she questioned. "My mother is dead, He-man."

"No, she isn't, Teela," he let her know. "You're mother is in front of you right now."

She looked at him incredulously. "He-man, you mean the Sorceress is my real mother? Is that what you're telling me?"

"Yes, Teela, that is your real mother," he nodded. "Now fuck her hard and make her cum really good, or you're going to regret it."

"So Sorceress," Teela said as she put on the strap on. "You're my real Mom, and wow look at your 56 DD breasts. Mom, you're a MILF, if you know what that means."

Sorceress looked at her pleadingly. "Teela, I know what that means, and you can't do this to me. I am you mother."

"You're my mom, and now a bitch for me to fuck," Teela snarled angrily, but lustfully. "You should have told me the truth when I tried to learn it. But now I see and realize that it was you that was stopping me from finding out the truth."

The Sorceress looked ashamed, and frightened. "Yes it's true," she admitted. "I did what you said I did to keep you safe. Please, don't do this Teela."

"To keep me safe from learning you're my real mom is that it? Then what? You just abandoned me to Man at Arms? Is that it? All for this place you call a home?"

Sorceress turned to He-Man. "He-Man, you can stop this now," she pleaded once more.

"Why would I want to stop what your daughter is about to do to you Sorceress? I want to watch this," he asked mockingly. "And why is Queen Marlena not here yet? I told you no tricks whatsoever."

"Its not that simple, He-man, for me to control their minds or to just summon them as I may wish to.,: she tried to explain.

"You do it every time to me," he shot back. "So I know you're trying to stall and see if I let my guard down. Sorceress you will obey me and bring Queen Marlena to me at Gray Skull or else. You are also going to summon Adora to me."

"What? You can't be serious about that!" The Sorceress gasped.

"Oh, but I am very serious about it. Do it!" he yelled at her. "And when you're done summoning the Queen and Adora to Gray Skull, I want you to use your power and control Evil Lynn, Glimmer, Queen Angela, Frosta, Catra, and Scorpnia, as well, to Gray Skull. No tricks!"

He-Man locked the chains that he was holding and then pounded the ends deep into the side of the wall so that Teela was on one side and the Sorceress on the other side of his new Throne. After doing this he went to the various rooms making sure each of the rooms were set up with what he needed to keep each of the women in line. On the walls of each room was hanging a whip, mouth gag, several different outfits of his choice, chains, a table in front of the bed, and a lots of other stuff as well.

Then he heard Gray Skull's gate beginning to lower itself. That meant Queen Marlena had finally arrived. The Queen walked into the dark Castle not knowing what was going to happen to her, or if she was going to be alright. She only knew that someone had asked for her to come alone.

The queen was still under the mind control, which was good for He-Man because that meant he wouldn't have to knock the Queen out and then carry her to the room already picked out for her.

Part 2

As Queen Marlena was being chained to the wall in the first room in Gray Skull He-Man started to wonder what was taking the other women so long to get here. What made him wonder more is whether The Sorceress had had a hand in them not coming to the Castle? When he finally got back to the throne room he saw that Teela and the Sorceress was still chained to either side. A smile of happiness came over his face. Then all of a sudden, without any warning, a portal opened in the Throne room of Gray Skull. Coming through the portal in a trace was his sister Adora, followed by Queen Angela, Glimmer, Frosta, Catra, and the Scorpnia not that far behind.

The second room was for Adora. He led her to the wall and then chained her to it, then walked to the door, closing it shut behind him like the last time. The third room was for Queen Angela, the fourth room had Glimmer, The fifth room had Frosta, and the sixth room was ready to have Catra chained in there. The seventh room was specially made for Scorpnia and she was chained to the wall just like the others were in their rooms.

The only thing was that there were still three rooms empty. That just left room 8, 9 and 10 empty. Then, to his surprise, he realized that Evil-Lynn was standing in a trace next to him. So she was put in room 8.

He started to walk back to the room where Teela and the Sorceress were waiting, which was the room that the Sorceress used for her Throne room. He-Man heard something, or someone, call to him.

"He-man! Why are you doing this to these women? Why are you being this way to your friends and enemies?"

"Who is this?" He-Man asked. "Who are you and where are you? Show yourself damn it!"

"I will show my true self all in good time, He-man, but you have not earned the right to see me."

"Why do you taunt me like this?" He-Man demanded.

"I don't taunt you, He-man," the voice continued. "What you're doing is not something to be praised for, either. What you're doing is not right, but I am not the one that will judge you in the end for this. That will be someone else's responsibility."
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